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From: Jake Toksmer
Subject: College and Grad School 8O nce again, thanks to everyone who has written to me. It’s been
encouraging and I hope you all continue to enjoy reading as much as I’ve
enjoyed reminiscing.Jake
Chapter 8: Old Sleeping BagsI like camping. And I belonged to the Outdoor Club on campus, and we often
went camping, hiking, and a couple of scuba diving trips. With camping,
though, I wanted to take Jeremy with me on a trip and get him involved with
the group. He had grown up with a family that did not go camping or hiking
- aside from him, they weren’t really active much at all.He came with me on the early spring camping trip. It was a nice weekend
and we had gone up into the mountains - a couple of hours from campus.
There were probably about a dozen of us that went Preteen Incest Stories up there. Guys and
girls, we met up on campus and loaded up the cars. I happily threw a bunch
of stuff into my car - it was a roomy hatch back there in the SD1. Jeremy
jumped in the front seat and two gals hopped into the back seat. Jessica
and Ashley were their names - they were both juniors, neither had a car,
and I had known them the entire time I’d been in the Club.I handed Jeremy the rudimentary map our fearless leader had drawn for all
of us and we took off. Since it was going to be a few hours, we stopped
along the way for lunch. It was some little diner and we all had a great
time. I was hesitant to be really open with Jeremy - I would have been
fine with it but he was still not entirely comfortable with lots of people
knowing. He was already a full brother in his fraternity, so pledging
wasn’t a problem. But we still hadn’t had a talk about how open we wanted
to be.The girls got up to use the restroom while I took the collected cash up to
the counter. Jeremy walked up there with me - he wanted to grab a mint. I
was surprised at his actions when the waitress asked if we were on some
sort of a double date. Jeremy piped up immediately.”Only if the girls are lesbians… I’m taken,” and he gave me a quick peck
on the cheek.I was shocked, but smiled; our waitress was shocked, and didn’t. I looked
over, though, and saw Jess had just come out of the bathroom. She had seen
everything. She was on the other side of Jeremy and he didn’t see her, but
all she did was wink at me. I know it’s silly, but it was a really nice
feeling: Jeremy had expressed his feelings for me openly, in public, and
what’s more Jess was in the know and was cool with it.Ashley came out of the bathroom and Jess grabbed her and they ran outside.
Having known them as long as I had, I didn’t worry - they were so similar
and never apart and I figured that she would be cool with it, too.Out at the car, I unlocked the doors and Ashley, across the car at the rear
passenger door Preteen Incest Stories gave me a big smile with her whole face, eyes flashing
excitement. No worries, then.We got into the car and I headed back out onto the highway. We threw in a
CD into the player (I had updated the radio in this car) and we chilled,
the three of them practically in a food coma. After about thirty minutes
we were all talking and paying no attention to the music. And Jess,
without any segue, just asked us flat out how long we’d been together.”What?” Jeremy didn’t realize she had Preteen Incest Stories seen him kiss me.”Well, I assumed when you kissed Jake, you two were a couple.”"I, uh… it’s… er…” he stammered.”Beginning of October. Basically the whole year,” I said.Ashley piped up, “Well, you’re both adorable.”And that was that. We went back to listening to music and chatting about
regular school stuff: campus politics, different groups, all that. After a
couple more hours we got to the camping area.We were pretty hardcore campers, our group. We started going off-road, and
I don’t like to cause undue strain to the suspension so I took it easy
until we reached the meeting spot. We parked the car and got out to chat
with the other car that had arrived. The other cars were still on their
way.We got our gear and started hiking. It wasn’t a long hike - maybe a mile -
until we reached the campsite. We did all the typical stuff to set up our
camp: pitched the tents, gathered Preteen Incest Stories rocks and firewood, and chilled out. It
was getting near dinnertime anyway so we got the fire started.We had a good dinner and then sat around for a while, everyone chatting and
cajoling. It was really nice… one guy even had a harmonica and played
for a bit.It was pretty late - no idea how late, to be honest, since I wasn’t wearing
a watch - when we headed off to bed. There was no alcohol allowed, as some
students might be underage, so no one was drunk (at least from what I could
tell). At some point I thought I smelled pot, but didn’t worry about it.
Most of the people were staying up, but we were sleepy.Jeremy and I headed off to my tent and unrolled the sleeping bags I had
brought. He immediately started to climb into his when I stopped him and
told him to wait. I had Preteen Incest Stories something to show him.I grabbed both sleeping bags and unzipped them, then started zipping them
to one another. They were designed for this, actually - my parents had
bought them ages ago and were pleased with themselves that they had figured
out how they worked. It was old hat for me to get them together, since I
had taken the bags with me several places by now. I zipped them together
and stuffed my shirt down in the bottom where there was, unfortunately, a
small hole where the zippers didn’t meet up.Then we got undressed. Totally undressed. I had some synthetic camping
and hiking gear, which is the only thing you should ever wear to bed when
camping - cotton soaks up body sweat all day and totally loses its ability
to insulate - but I hadn’t brought any of it. Jeremy thought I was lying
at first until I explained it to him. But he stripped, too, and we climbed
into our now larger-than-normal bag.We did not have sex that night, but rather just spooned, keeping one
another warm with our body heat in the sleeping bag. We had plenty of
space to move around, too, since it was double the size of a standard
sleeping bag.Jeremy can sleep fairly easily anywhere and at anytime. I felt his body
relax and gain weight as he drifted off. I stayed up for some time,
vaguely listening to the few people still awake around the fire and to the
other sounds of the forest. There was a Preteen Incest Stories stream nearby, I could hear, and
once it became really silent, I drifted off, my arm wrapped tightly over
Jeremy’s side and around his chest.I woke up in the middle of the night sometime and needed to pee. I tried
not to wake Jeremy up when I crawled out of the sleeping bag and put on my
shoes, and my beanie hat - I wasn’t going to bother with clothes at this
hour when I was just going to pee.It was COLD, as it should be. I walked about twenty feet out and let it
go, only to be surprisingly joined by one of the guys from the Club. It
sort of startled me, but I didn’t make any kind of deal about it. Finished
up and started to turn back when Chris (the guy who had walked up)
whispered, “Dude… cold?”I whispered back, “I forgot my synthetic shorts…”He chuckled, “Well, try to keep warm.” I pointed to my hat, winked, and
said, “I’ll be fine.” Chris laughed again and we walked back to our
respective tents.What I didn’t realize until I climbed back into the sleeping bag and curled
up next to Jeremy was that I had grabbed his hat. In the low light that
filtered into our tent I grabbed the wrong one. A little bit of symbolism
there, but whatever.The next morning we were up early and got dressed and Preteen Incest Stories headed out of the
tent. A few of the folks had started the fire going again and I walked
over to where the food was and started getting some stuff together to eat.
It was just some random granola-like stuff, and we found a few things of
yogurt to go with it. It was tasty.We went hiking that morning - we went a few miles before we circled back
down to camp. We had lunch, chilled for a bit, and then people kinda did
their own thing. Jeremy and I decided to hike towards the stream. It was
further than we thought, and when we got there we were good and sweaty. We
had shed our shirts on the way, but once at the stream we saw there was a
decent sized pool Preteen Incest Stories on one edge of it and decided to hop in. We dropped the
rest of our clothes and skinny-dipped there, both screaming when we hit
that cold water. Hehe… we jumped out and started to dry off, but really
had to just wait for the warm sun to dry us. We laid down next to each
other by the stream for a while, letting the sun warm our naked bodies.I rolled over onto my side after a little while and started to stroke
Jeremy’s dick. I started slowly at first, then picked up my rhythm just a
bit… but slowed down and got up on my knees. I leaned forward and
wrapped my lips around his dick and started to move up and down. Jeremy
stopped me, though, and asked me to turn around, and he went to town on my
dick, as we 69-d there in the sun by that stream.Since I started on Jeremy before he could get to work on me, he came first,
and I swallowed every last bit. It was great, as usual… but
unfortunately when Jeremy’s spent, he’s spent. I’d have to wait until
later.I didn’t worry about it and crawled up next to him. We cuddled for a bit
before throwing our clothes back on and heading back to camp. We got down
there right as dinner preparations were starting. I pitched in and worked
on some pasta over the fire. The group camped a fair bit, and even though
I hadn’t been in a good long time, I knew my way around the “kitchen”
outside and there was quite a kitchen set up, all things considered.We ate, then hung out much as before. One thing that was nice, though, was
that while I was leaning up against a log talking to this guy Nick and his
girlfriend Jen, Jeremy came over and sat close to me. I put my arm around
him, somewhat absent-mindedly, and he didn’t flinch or move. We sat there
for a long time, talking with Nick and Jen as two couples talk to each
other. Jeremy put his hand on my leg at one point, and we just sat in the
group of friends, some of which made up couples, and had a great night.
The harmonica appeared again, there was singing, s’mores, scary
stories… it was a good ol’ camping trip.We went back to our tent around 10PM and got ready for bed. We started to
make out… before we had even started to undress. We finally got into the
sleeping bag and kept making out. I very quickly got hard and Jeremy moved
down, awkwardly, to give me a bit of the pleasure he hadn’t been able to
earlier. It felt good - very good - but he couldn’t breathe very well in
there, so he had to come back up.He faced away from me as I, well-lubricated from his spit, slipped inside
him. We were lying on our sides as I sort of tried to pull out and push
back in, but it was really tough. Also, the moaning. Both of us were
reasonably vocal, but I shushed him first. We decided we really couldn’t
do this and I started to pull out, but he asked me to stop and push back in
and stay there. So I did. We laid there like that until I was flaccid
again. I was still awake but he had actually fallen asleep well before
that - he fell asleep with me still inside him. It was a nice feeling, if
a little strange.We slept, spooned, all night long. When we woke up, it was very early -
the sun had just come up and it was freezing cold. We made out some more
and tried again… but we kept at it this time. I was hard in no time flat
and Jeremy covered his mouth as I pounded his tight little ass really,
really fast. It wasn’t but a couple of minutes before I came - a lot -
into his rear. Since he was on all fours (well, three-to-four, since he
kept covering his mouth to stop the moaning), he and I both sort of slid
down into the ground. As we slid down - it was cold, we didn’t want out of
the sleeping bag! - he came, too. His hole tightened up around my dick,
still buried inside him but losing strength, and he shot straight out in
front of him. The sleeping bags would need to be washed - not a first, and
kind of a pain, but entirely worth it! His orgasm Preteen Incest Stories was strong enough to
push me out of him and we laid there, me on top of his back for a couple of
minutes, before I rolled off of him and onto my back. He scrambled up on
top of me - lying his full length on me and getting both of our bellies
nice and sticky from the puddle he created on the sleeping bag in front of
him when he came. We kissed and, surprisingly, fell asleep. I always
enjoyed extra weight on me to Preteen Incest Stories help me sleep, but an entire human body,
wow… I hadn’t slept well, though, so perhaps it was just I was sleepy and
felt comfortable with Jeremy and I embracing like that.We got up about an hour later, got dressed, and packed up our sleeping bags
and tent. We ate some breakfast as everyone else put their stuff away and
we got ready to hike back towards the cars.We walked back down where everyone was parked and jumped into our cars. We
started driving home like normal, when Ashley said the whole car was pretty
ripe. It was true - none of us had showered, everyone had hiked, and
Jeremy and I had “done the dirty” - and it was true considering we were
outside and pretty filthy before we had sex. Anyway, Ashley said the car
was pretty ripe and Jess said, “Yeah… even smells a bit like sex.”Jeremy and I laughed a little uncomfortably and Jess said she heard moaning
from our tent. I was surprised she could hear us - their tent wasn’t even
near us. Oops! I figured I’d get a talking to from the Club president, or
at least a nasty email telling me I wasn’t welcome on future trips. I
decided not to worry about it - Jeremy and I could go camping whenever we
wanted, I figured, and we Preteen Incest Stories didn’t necessarily need the Club (one of the
other members told me no Preteen Incest Stories
one cared, and only a couple of people apparently
heard us - and no one cared. I Preteen Incest Stories went camping with them many more times
while I was in college).
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